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LED displays for industrial applications

We design and manufacture a wide array of LED technology-based display solutions for various industrial needs, in terms of traffic control, process monitoring or logistics operations. Our LED displays are based on modular structure and are custom-built to every project if needed. The displays can be controlled by remote controllers, press buttons or using tailored PC control softwares. The character height of a display can be chosen between 90 and 900 mm. Many displays are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Information displays
Information displays

Car shops, garages, workshops and inspection stations need to use a variety of information displays, when they have to control, guide and help their customers work their way around different situations. We customize these project-based displays with combining printed fronts and LED fields, as well as customer´s own visual ideas. 

Text matrix displays
Text matrix displays

Our various sized LED text matrix displays will publish your message clearly and visibly, either in static or dynamic text. Text matrix displays are applicable for versatile communication inside and outside. The most common character heights used in displaying text are 100mm, 200mm and 300mm and the color of the LEDs is up to you to decide. 

Logistics displays
Logistics displays

We solve logistics challenges set to us by our industrial customers, who want us to make displays that help streamline their logistics. These displays are always somewhat custom-made and consist of numerous LED displays and their control system. Our LED displays ease the traffic and guide drivers to find their way within factory areas.

    Meira Nova Oy - Logistics Center

    Our customer Meira Nova Oy (Ltd), a subsidiary of one of the largest corporations in Finland called the S-Group, went on to improve its logistics operations and the functioning of their dispatch area in their Tuusula based Logistics center, when they decided to invest in our enhanced logistics display system and customized control software. Here is how the spokesman for Meira Nova, the Head of the Supply Chain, Jouni Laukkanen described the project:

    “Digitekno`s comprehensive service model convinced us when we were planning on renewing our current system. The project kickstarted with thorough groundwork, which laid the basis for successful and fast execution."


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