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High quality scoreboards for every sport

Our multisport scoreboards support almost every team sport, not to mention some of the most popular individual sports.

Our LED-based multisport scoreboards are designed for indoor use and they are applicable to almost all common indoor sports, such as basketball, volleyball, floorball, futsal and handball. All models come with a set of sport-specified control panel button skins and sound alarm function, which is either in-built or external. Whenever new rules take place, our scoreboard software is easy to update and maintain. Our scoreboards are designed and manufactured in Finland. Get to know our multisport scoreboard models below.

DT-SPORT Touch scoreboard controller

An excellent device for controlling scoreboards!

  • Completely wireless control
  • 8-10" touch screen with clear buttons
  • Sport-specific scoreboard views
  • Use is fast, easy and intuitive
  • Includes carrying bag and START-STOP handles
  • Support for ten sports

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