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LED screens for sports and advertising, inside and outside

We provide a vast set of different video screen solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. The size of the screen may vary due to video screen´s modular structure. The modules may also be combined to form a perimeter commercial display for sports fields. We help our customers in finding the right solution. We also provide our in-house expertise for service and maintenance, just in case something unexpected happens with the video screens. We provide our customers with our own scoreboard display software, which will help our customers show the score and video footage simultaneously.

Investing on a high quality screen not only gives you endless possibilities to display visually beautiful content, but also enables you to build a new revenue model. Don´t think any longer and get in contact with us. We´ll help you get started.

  • Support: basketball, volleyball, floorball, futsal etc.
  • Common sizes: 5x3m, 3x2m, 8x4,5m, 4x2,25m
  • Use: DT-SPORT VIDEO scoreboard software
  • Control: videoprocessor / DT-SPORT Touch / PC
  • Scaling: content is scaled to fit screen resolution
  • Input source interface: easy access to inputs
  • Keying: combined Full HD scoreboard/ad output
Wall-mounted LED screens
Wall-mounted LED screens
  • Key specs: pixel pitch, brightness, refresh rate
  • Size and form: built on 100x100cm LED cabinets
  • Brightness: indoor 1000, outdoor up to 10 000 nits
  • Pixel pitch: indoor 2-6 mm, outdoor 6-10 mm
  • Installation: fixed installation into wall or frame
  • Applications: sports halls, facades, roadsides etc.
  • Certifications: CE (EMC+LVD), RoHS
Hanging LED screens
Hanging LED screens
  • Key specs: pixel pitch, weight, installation
  • Size: using 50x50cm lightweight LED cabinets
  • Brightness: indoor 1000, outdoor up to 10 000 nits
  • Pixel pitch: indoor 3-6 mm, outdoor 6-10 mm
  • Installation: easy truss installation using fast locks
  • Applications: both rental and fixed use
  • Certifications: CE (EMC + LVD), RoHS
    DT SPORT VIDEO software

    DT SPORT VIDEO software

    We deliver our LED screens supplied with our easy-to-use software, which come in handy when using the screen as a scoreboard, or when wanting to simply play commercials, video material, slide show, etc. Our software applies to many situations, and fits fast-paced use in-game events when moving seamlessly from scoreboard view to player profiles, team line-ups or commercials is the key. At the heart of our software design, is our goal to help users focus on what to play on the screen, instead of how to play on the screen. That´s when our DT-SPORT VIDEO software jumps in.

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    LED screens for multipurposes

    LED screens are suitable for versatile content presentation and can be seen everywhere these days; on building facades, roadsides, sports halls, auditoriums or traffic portals. The brightness characteristics of LEDs are top-class compared to other display technologies, so they are not discouraged by sunshine or even severe frost.

    So why not get your own LED screen to highlight the facade of your business, bring out important information for your company, or to acquire advertising revenue efficiently? The content of the LED screen is extremely easy to produce and manage with today's software, if necessary you can schedule the screen's content to appear as you wish for weeks ahead. Contact us, and we'll help you find just the right LED screen!


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