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LED displays

LED displays for indoor and outdoor use

Our vast selection of displays are based on LED technology and are designed to meet a wide array of needs from our customers. In addition to providing our standardized products, we gladly engage in customization of LED displays, in order to deliver exactly the types of products, you might need in a specific project. Our most traditional LED display product is a clock-temperature display, which can be used to measure and show time and temperature, but we do everything from simple text matrixes to gigantic LED screens, from logistics displays to sports scoreboards. LEDs come in multiple colours, whereas our LED displays come in multiple shapes and forms.

Our LED displays that have reached the end of their life cycle and the point of being discarded, might still contain environmentally hazardous materials. Therefore those devices are to be delivered to regional electronic waste collection points, either to be used in further applications or to be properly and safely disposed. We aim to guarantee a long life cycle to every product we make, by choosing our materials and material suppliers carefully, by organizing our production wisely and by delivering profound After Sales Service. When our products finally run out of juice, we commit ourselves to taking appropriate measures in terms of recycling discarded items brought back to us.