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Ice hockey scoreboards and side-kicks

Go traditional and modest for small halls, go big and strong for professional arenas.

Our scoreboards, all made in Finland, provide the right solutions for both small ice hockey halls or large professional ice hockey arenas. The number heights we use in our ice hockey scoreboards are 15cm, 20cm, and 30cm. When the scoreboard is placed at one end of the hall, we advise choosing a bigger number height than when placed in the middle of the rink. In addition to traditional LED scoreboards, we also provide jumbo-size LED screens to go with our own scoreboard software. High-resolution LED screens can play seamlessly almost any videos, pictures, commercials or any other media, which can be scaled to fit the screen. Our scoreboard software can be modified to match the LED screen resolution. 

DT-SPORT Touch scoreboard controller

An excellent device for controlling scoreboards!

  • Completely wireless control
  • 8-10" touch screen with clear buttons
  • Sport-specific scoreboard views
  • Use is fast, easy and intuitive
  • Includes carrying bag and START-STOP handles
  • Support for ten sports

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