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Contract manufacturing based on partnerships

We provide a wide range of assembly services concerning various electromechanical products, such as connection boxes and control panels, to multiple industries including manufacturing and maritime industries. We can manufacture the products as partial assembling according to customer documents or if agreed upon, we gladly take responsibility for the entire order-delivery process from material purchasing to product installation at the customer´s facility. We also manufacture high-quality wire harnesses and special cables, in smaller or larger delivery batches. Wire harnesses and cables can be designed to fit specific assembly products. You have the opportunity to receive turn-key service easily and effectively from a single service provider, but we are happy to work with other service providers when the best outcome is achieved through cooperation. We help you in finding the best way to go forward.  

Wire harnesses

Wire harnesses

Listening to your needs we always provide you with a vast selection of wire harnesses and special cables. We manufacture quality wire and cable series for hundreds of electromechanical applications, delivering our products from minor to large scale batches. We will help you in choosing the right materials, to ensure the seamless functioning of our products as parts of your end products, in all conditions. Our wire harnesses include control, sensor, data, servo, flat and coaxial cables as well as other special cables that are manufactured with customer specific components, such as connectors. 2D/3D documentation is provided when needed. Ask us for more, let us keep the strings in good hands!

Outsource wire harness manufacturing to us

Customer devotion

All customer interactions are equally important to us; we will look into every case with genuine excitement and desire to fulfill the customer's needs entirely. 

  • Close-knit cooperation in Product Design 
  • Material proposals and picks for achieving the best outcomes 
  • Documentation using also customer´s own document templates
  • Testing design and execution
  • Prototype manufacturing

Quality mindset

We perceive quality as a broader concept than just product inspection or testing. With us, you will experience quality from initial contacts to invoicing and everything in the middle.

  • The basis of our quality mindset is founded on ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates, which function as an insurance policy for our products to be sustainable
  • We rely on our modern ERP system
  • Fast reacting to customer feedback 


We constantly develop our processes to be able to provide the best possible service for you. We work hard to ensure that customers' needs are communicated between Production and Sales.

  • We will happily carry the water for you when it comes to wire harnessing 
  • Our experienced professionals are at your disposal when working with us
  • We don´t do miracles, but we constantly overcome challenges 
  • Our optimized manufacturing processes aim to lead to the shortest possible delivery times


We square our mutually agreed operating model into the chosen logistics solution, which will fit your needs in the best possible way. We commit to continuous improvement in the logistics chain.

  • We provide our vast selection of cables and connectors for you
  • We deploy our worldwide network of material suppliers 
  • Customer buffers/quotas can be agreed on when needed
  • We shall anticipate the purchasing of vital materials by following global trends and sales forecasts closely 
Outsource wire harness manufacturing to us
Electromechanical assembly services

Electromechanical assembly services

When outsourcing the assembling of your electromechanical products to Digitekno, you will receive high quality products, timely deliveries and flexible, fully tailored service model. We serve you broadly from material purchasing to thorough product testing. We assemble various electromechanical products, such as control cabinets, connection boxes and control panels, and we also help you in the design, whenever needed. When your products evolve, we evolve.

Digitekno as a partner

Standard quality

We master the high-quality process of manufacturing electromechanical products, which we know based on our history of delivering standard quality products to a wide range of customers. A history we can be proud of, with very few complaints and highly standardized products with many times just minor or no deviations. All our products go through a multi-stage quality control process, which is then followed by thorough testing. 

Timely deliveries

We will do our absolute best in keeping up with your delivery plan, even when the schedule is stretched due to external issues out of our reach. By engaging in proactive co-operation with you, we ensure the best possible outcome in terms of deliveries. We actively communicate with our network of material suppliers to secure the availability of crucial materials and the timeline for us to receive them when needed. Punctuality is a virtue known to us.


The manufacturing of your products will be done either using your design documentation or with us assisting or leading the design. If we so agree, you will receive turn-key service even including the market fit testing, because we understand that commercializing good ideas requires multidisciplinary planning, design and testing. We view it as a journey together, same direction ahead. 

Customer focus

Our production facility will adjust to small, medium and large size production batches, and so will our group of highly skilled and committed employees. We will deal with the entire order-delivery chain from material purchasing to product installations on the customer´s site. We help you in the introduction stage as well. Feel free to ask us for subassembling, we are happy to tailor our service to meet your specific needs. 

Digitekno as a partner


As an integral part of our assembly service and wire harness manufacturing, we offer you circuit diagram design, wire harness and layout design, mechanical parts design, prototype design and testing, which will all support your product development. Our goal is to guide you towards cost-efficient solutions, but to a place where quality is not compromised. In addition to our vast experience and know-how, we exploit the most recent, state-of-the-art design software that helps us design circuit boards and control panels, to name a couple. We understand the benefits of different materials and components and how they work together in terms of choosing the right solutions for the manufacturing of your products.

We can help you to design your product

Electronics design

Our primary goal in design is to help our customers to create products that are eligible for production and sustainable in costs. We typically take attributes such as product life cycle, component availability now and in the future and production volume into consideration when conducting design.

We provide you assistance with circuit board design, prototype manufacturing and EMC/approval testing. We don´t expect you to know every possible standard and qualification when designing a new product, we are there to give you a hand, in every step of the way.

Software design

We design and produce multiple different embedded systems, PC programs and web/mobile interfaces. We navigate through usability and functionality, which have to go hand in hand.

User interface may simply be a few digital IOs or press buttons on the side of a device, or a vast control system installed to customer´s server, to take things further. The latter might even have an API to customer´s own database. We use the most up-to-date and sophisticated design tools in developing these microcontroller environments.

Logic programming

We apply programmable logics (PLCs) in our solutions, whether the project concerns industrial control panels or logics as integrated parts of LED-based display applications.

Every year we produce a number of LED display projects that need programmable logics to be controlled. By designing logics, we aim to drive cost reductions, build customer engagement and satisfaction, and enable rapid functioning transformability of systems.

Mechanics design

Electronics need cover in terms of the mechanics that surround it, in terms of cases, boxes and profiles. We process metal/steel sheets and profiles using the most progressive 2D/3D programs in the design.

When designing control boxes or mechanical frames for our LED displays, we always take general principles of electronics manufacturing into account. Heat condensation or evaporation, air circulation and ingress protection rating are among the typical things to consider when we design.

We can help you to design your product

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