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Basketball scoreboards for the love of the game

Basketball scoreboards are for serious use, but if the regulations allow, we provide also smaller scoreboards.

We provide a variety of different solutions for the needs of basketball, whether it means professional-level basketball or the basic needs of schools and communities. Together with scoreboards - that can be either video screens or traditional LED displays - we also deliver 24s shot clock scoreboards and LED basket frames, not to mention alternating possession arrows or team foul markers. We make sure that always the latest rules and regulations are applied to our scoreboard control system. Our scoreboards can form different combinations, as they are built on a modular structure. Let us help find your solution.

Our 24s shot clocks are either 1-sided, 3-sided, or 4-sided and they are lightweight, yet very durable and also ball-hit-proof. Shot slocks are complemented with optional LED light frames that come in red and yellow, red to indicate the set time or game time run out, and yellow to indicate the attacking time run out. It really depends on the level of your game, and what kind of scoreboard system is needed. 

DT-SPORT Touch scoreboard controller

An excellent device for controlling scoreboards!

  • Completely wireless control
  • 8-10" touch screen with clear buttons
  • Sport-specific scoreboard views
  • Use is fast, easy and intuitive
  • Includes carrying bag and START-STOP handles
  • Support for ten sports

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