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Work safety figures visible with customized LED displays

Acting on behalf of work safety issues is something almost every company has to deal with nowadays. Work safety and the ways of communicating it can always be improved, though. A work safety display reminds the employees and their executives about work safety, as they come and go for work. We manufacture a whole lot of work safety boards every year, which all emphasize different aspects but relate to such an important matter, safety at the workplace.

Work safety display for showing injury statistics
Work safety display for showing injury statistics
  •  Nr of displays between 1-5 (customizable)
  •  Number height 45mm, 100mm or 150mm
  •  manual and/or automatic operation
  •  Display digits between 1-9 (default 4 digits)
  •  Control w/ buttons, control grip or PC program
  •  Texts according to customer´s terms
  •  LED color red, green, white, orange, blue, yellow
Time, temperature and text as extra features
Time, temperature and text as extra features
  •  Time, temperature or date bonus display
  •  Text matrix extension to express short messages
  •  Static and rolling text formats
  •  Extra display character height 45, 100 or 150mm
  •  Time information (hh:mm) through GPS-unit
  •  Ask us for additional special features, such as wind speed display
Visual design according to customer´s brand
Visual design according to customer´s brand
  •  Polycarbonate front board with customized taping
  •  Our layout design service included
  •  Logo location top left as default
  •  Text font and size, coloring and style customizable
  •  Text spelling approved by customer
  •  Text size for indoor 40-80mm, outdoor 60-120mm
  •  Front board can be replaced by new design

    Workplace safety displays for indoor and outdoor use

    We manufacture workplace safety displays intended for displaying accident statistics, suitable for both outdoor and indoor conditions. Attaching the display is easy using the wall brackets included in the delivery or the pole attachment kit that can be purchased separately. The IP class of our outdoor signs is IP54. Indoors, the display can be installed as it is, outdoors we offer the option of a rain shelter with an LED light.

    Danfoss Group

    Case: Danfoss Group

    Vacon Oyj from Vaasa, a member of the Danfoss Group, ordered from us 3 work safety displays intended for indoor use in accordance with the group's occupational safety ideology and visual appearance. The displays ended up decorating the recently renovated lobby of the company's headquarters. In the future, company visitors as well as employees, without forgetting the company management, can see the annual accident statistics when they see the board, and at the same time remind themselves of the slogan describing Danfoss' approach to occupational safety: "every occupational accident is avoidable".

    Abloy Oy

    Case: Abloy Oy

    We supplied Abloy Oy, a Finnish company with a wonderful and long history, with 3 workplace safety displays designed for outdoor use. The company uses them to openly communicate its annual accident statistics, and above all, how they respect the occupational safety and safe working conditions of their employees. Along with Abloy's displays, we delivered rain canopies equipped with LED lights, as well as pipes and fasteners that enable the display to be attached.

    DWS workplace safety displays for indoor and outdoor use

    DWS workplace safety displays for indoor and outdoor use

    We can conveniently provide you with displays showing accident statistics in different sizes for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Our displays can be attached to the office wall, hung on a wall along the corridor, or installed on their own stand, for example in connection with factory access control. The models we make for indoor use are made in an elegant and representative natural-colored aluminum frame, which is suitable for all spaces. We design the outdoor signs to withstand all weather conditions, so the company's transparency in presenting occupational safety figures does not suffer even in severe frost. We will be happy to help you find a suitable solution for your company.


    Valtter Laaksonen
    Valtter Laaksonen
    Marketing and Sales
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