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Floorball scoreboards and LED screens

We provide our floorball scoreboards for small and large halls and arenas. Ask us about LED screens as well.

Our floorball scoreboards meet the requirements set by the Finnish Floorball Association, so they can be placed in any hall or arena, where serious games are being played. However, they can also be used in average school sports halls or in small indoor halls, where results don´t count as much, but where the balls might still hit the scoreboard. Due to its ball-hit-proof front surface, the scoreboard will maintain its operation even when hit. The scoreboard for floorball must have at least 20cm high numbers that are digital, preferably made using LED lights. At least two penalty displays per team have to show on the scoreboard. Additionally, one has to choose between a wireless or cable connection.

As opposed to traditional LED scoreboards, more and more customers are moving towards LED screens, which can be turned into scoreboards with the right software, but also enable completely different use cases. Commercials, team line-ups, player cards or live TV-game can be shown on the screen as well. Our DT-SPORT Mediaplayer software helps you, when you have to manage an entire game event, instead of just playing the game. 

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