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LED-screen scoreboards

Various LED screens serve the purpose of showing any given content, but when installed into sports halls, stadiums and arenas their core function is to operate as scoreboards. Each sport has its own customizable scoreboard view, which is controlled by easy-to-use PC program or touch screen pad. LED´s brightness qualities are second to none when it comes to other display solutions, so bright lighting indoor or direct sunlight outdoor - not to mention freezing sub zero temperatures - won´t bring LED down. The scoreboard will be seen.

We provide a wide array of LED screen scoreboards to indoor and outdoor use. LED screens come in different sizes that can be custom fitted to your project, whether the screen is installed into a wall, hung from ceiling or placed self-standing on the side of the court as perimeter screens are. Our turn-key solution contains customer-friendly control softwares that enable you to freely manage the content showing on the screen. In addition to scorebord view, you may run ads, player presentations and line-ups, as few examples.

DT-SPORT VIDEO PRO floorball LED-screen scoreboard
DT-SPORT VIDEO PRO floorball LED-screen scoreboard
  • LED screen either hanged or wall installed
  • Recommended indoor pixel pitch 3-6 mm
  • Size ex.g. 3m x 2m, 5m x 3m, 7m x 5m
  • Indoor brightness around 1000 nits
  • DT-SPORT VIDEO scoreboard software
  • Extensions: DT-SPORT Mediaplayer
  • Feature to run ads and other content
DT-SPORT VIDEO PRO ­basketball LED screen scoreboard
DT-SPORT VIDEO PRO ­basketball LED screen scoreboard
  • PRO-level basketball halls and arenas 
  • Installation: wall-installed or hanging LED screen
  • Number heights according to requirements
  • Extensions: 24s shot clocks and LED-light frames + other basketball scoreboard equipment
  • DT-SPORT VIDEO scoreboard software / Touch pad
  • Minimum size: 5m x 3m
DT-SPORT VIDEO PRO ice hockey LED-screen scoreboard
DT-SPORT VIDEO PRO ice hockey LED-screen scoreboard
  • Scoreboarding view according to screen size
  • Supports different resolutions and picture ratios
  • Technical specifications customizable
  • Number heights according to specific requirements
  • Easy-to-use PC user interface for ice hockey
  • Feature to run ads and other content on the screen
  • Control via PC-interface or Touch pad
    DT SPORT software

    DT SPORT software

    We deliver our LED screens supplied with our easy-to-use software, which come in handy when using the screen as a scoreboard, or when wanting to simply play commercials, video material, slide show, etc. Our software applies to many situations, and fits fast-paced use in-game events when moving seamlessly from scoreboard view to player profiles, team line-ups or commercials is the key. At the heart of our software design, is our goal to help users focus on what to play on the screen, instead of how to play on the screen. That´s when our DT-SPORT software jump in.

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    Valtter Laaksonen
    Valtter Laaksonen
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