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Designing and manufacturing electronics since 1987

We are a competent and reliable partner for industrial subcontracting and a pioneer in the design and manufacture of LED-based result information and video displays. We are constantly developing our products and our ability to serve customers. In addition to our products, we offer comprehensive design and maintenance services, with which we respond to the changing needs of our customers nimbly and by listening to customers, without compromising on quality.

Contract manufacturing based on partnerships

We offer the assembly of various electromechanical products, such as control cabinets, control panels and junction boxes for industrial companies in various fields and the shipping industry.

When you cooperate with us, you can be sure that environmental and quality issues have been taken into account, because the ISO 9001 quality and ISO14001 environmental certificates guide our operations in all areas of our company. We operate responsibly without compromising quality.

LED displays for indoor and outdoor use

Our vast selection of displays are based on LED technology and are designed to meet a wide array of needs from our customers. In addition to manufacturing standardized products, we gladly engage in customization of LED displays, in order to deliver exactly the types of products, you might need in a specific project. Our most traditional LED display product is a clock-temperature display, which can be used to measure and show time and temperature, but we do everything from simple text matrixes to gigantic LED screens, from logistics displays to sports scoreboards. LEDs come in multiple colors, whereas our LED displays come in multiple shapes and forms.


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DT-SPORT VIDEO PRO LED screen scoreboard in Harju Stadium in Jyväskylä

Harju Stadium - Jyväskylä

Digitekno´s LED display portals in Metsä Group´s bio product mill in Kemi

Metsä Group - Kemi bio product mill

DT-SPORT LED screen scoreboard system in Lapua sports hall

Lapua sports hall

DT-SPORT VIDEO PRO LED screen scoreboard system in Jokirinne Learning Center

Jokirinne Learning Center

DT-SPORT VIDEO PRO scoreboard system in Motonet Arena, Joensuu

Motonet Arena, Joensuu

Meira Nova Oy - Logistics Center

Meira Nova Oy - Logistics Center

We do it ourselves

We do it

We take pride in designing and manufacturing our products in our own factory

We embrace sustainability

We embrace sustainability

Our products are known for their quality and durability in both indoor and outdoor use

Together we develop

Together we

Our skilled employees are the greatest long-term asset of our company

We build on trust

We build
on trust

We deliver excellent products but also the best service for our customers

On a sustainable journey

When we look at the horizon, we see a goal in front of us, which is reached with purposeful steps instead of drifting randomly. In taking care of the environment, we are both a travel partner and a travel organizer; by doing our part, we also help others achieve their environmental goals.

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