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TRIO Arena, Vantaa

In spring 2021 we delivered a giant outdoor LED screen to the facade of TRIO Arena located in Vantaa. Ever since the public has been well informed of upcoming events, games and happenings in the area, which is known to be highly focused on sports. This delivery was a continuation of our long history with the city of Vantaa, who we have served on multiple occasions over the years, delivering scoreboards, LED screens and other LED displays.

Today our presence in TRIO Arena is not limited to outdoors, since we agreed on providing the ice hockey hall with our modern and easy-to-use ice hockey scoreboard system that will turn the media square into scoreboards, but simultaneously enable the running of commercials and other important content on the screens. The local team Kiekko-Vantaa will now take their game nights to the next level, and had the atmosphere been already very high during games, now it´s through the roof. The scoreboard system was accompanied by informative LED text matrixes and changing room clocks, so the players and referees know when to enter the ring.


City of Vantaa


  • DT-SPORT VIDEO PRO LED screen 22m²
  • DT-SPORT VIDEO ice hockey scoreboard software and devices
  • DT-SPORT INFO displays
  • Novastar controller technology


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Valtter Laaksonen
Marketing and Sales
Scoreboards, LED screens, LED displays