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Helsinki ice hockey hall

We have come a long way together with a Finnish ice hockey giant HIFK (Helsinki), serving the club with our easy-to-use and visually stunning scoreboard system for LED screens. The foundation for our cooperation has been continuous improvement - a phrase familiar to professional athletes - as we have complemented our product portfolio with TFT displays showing scoreboard data throughout the hall, for example. By creating an interface, we have also enabled our scoreboard data to be transferred into an external scoreboard results service platform for the use of TV broadcasts etc. We are pleased to be working with one of the most traditional and well-known Finnish sports clubs, whose brand value is second to none.


Helsingin jääkenttäsäätiö / HIFK


  • DT-SPORT VIDEO PRO ice hockey scoreboard system
  • DT-SPORT VIDEO IH scoreboard software
  • DT-SPORT TFT scoreboard info displays


Yhteyshenkilösi Digiteknolla
Valtter Laaksonen
Marketing and Sales
Scoreboards, LED screens, LED displays