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Valkeavuori Sports Hall, Kaarina

After facing many bureaucratic challenges on the way, the historically significant sports hall construction project for the city of Kaarina, a small town next to Turku, found its way to the public introduction in early 2022. The stunning facility built by a construction company NCC offers high-class experience for both athletes and audience, who get to enjoy their games being played with our DT-SPORT VIDEO PRO LED screen scoreboard system, including three large LED screens, scoreboard software, 3-sided shot clocks and so on. As a cherry on top, we took the extra mile and built an interface to a brilliant event managing software called Sport in The Box, provided by a Finnish company like ours. The future is looking bright for local sports clubs and culture folks, who have been rewarded with such a great venue with amazing technology. We want to thank both NCC and the city of Kaarina to be part of this outstanding project.


NCC Talonrakennus Oy / The city of Kaarina


  • DT-SPORT VIDEO PRO LED screen 2 x 15m²
  • DT-SPORT VIDEO PRO outdoor LED screen 12m²
  • DT-SPORT 3-sided 24s shot clocks
  • DT-SPORT 1-sided 24s shot clocks
  • DT-SPORT scoreboard software and control devices


Yhteyshenkilösi Digiteknolla
Valtter Laaksonen
Marketing and Sales
Scoreboards, LED screens, LED displays