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Saimaa Stadium

We installed the largest hanging indoor screen in Finland in May 2018, when we delivered our high resolution jumbo-size 36 m² LED-screen to Saimaa Stadiumi, a brand new wowing indoor sports hall in Mikkeli, in the South-East of Finland. The screen was tested soon after installation, when Finnish national team of volleyball played their game at the venue. Digitekno designed the scoreboard software as well, and oh boy, it was a pleasure to see Finland beat their opponent and to witness fine results in the brand new screen. Later on, we supplemented our delivery with two custom built LED screen solutions, one by the size of 35m² and the other 6m², both meant to display advertisements and other relevant venue information.


Saimaa Stadiumi / Mikkelin Jäähalli Oy


  • DT-SPORT VIDEO PRO LED screen scoreboard system
  • DT-SPORT VIDEO scoreboard software
  • DT-SPORT VIDEO PRO LED-screen 35m²
  • DT-SPORT VIDEO PRO LED-screen 6m²


Yhteyshenkilösi Digiteknolla
Valtter Laaksonen
Marketing and Sales
Scoreboards, LED screens, LED displays