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Meira Nova Oy - Logistics Center

Our customer Meira Nova Oy (Ltd), a subsidiary of one of the largest corporations in Finland called the S-Group, went on to improve its logistics operations and the functioning of their dispatch area in their Tuusula based Logistics center, when they decided to invest in our enhanced logistics display system and customized control software. Here is how the spokesman for Meira Nova, the Head of the Supply Chain, Jouni Laukkanen described the project:

“Digitekno`s comprehensive service model convinced us when we were planning on renewing our current system. The project kickstarted with thorough groundwork, which laid the basis for successful and fast execution."

"After testing the prototypes, the entire 40 display system was installed into full operation within the timeframe of a single weekend, so we were able to operate as usual without any delays, which was actually our demand in the process.”

We are happy the project went smoothly, and want to thank our customer for seamless co-operation, it´s our pleasure to serve!


Meira Nova Oy


  • 40 pcs LED logistics displays
  • Display controller software
  • Service and technical support 24/7