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Jatke Arena - Kouvola

The successful and famous basketball club Kouvot received a very pleasant delivery from Digitekno during year 2010 to their home ground Jatke Arena. Our very own DT-SPORT ARENA PRO scoreboard package that meets professional level requirements, was delivered for the basketball team´s home court thanks to the city of Kouvola. The project was later on complemented with LED screens for commercial use; one to decorate the and other one - 18m long perimeter screen - to play commercials and other content on the court level. Special thanks to the city of Kouvola for investing on these key pieces and for our long-lasting mutually beneficial co-operation!


The city of Kouvola


  • DT-SPORT ARENA PRO scoreboard
  • DT-SPORT 3x24s shot clocks and LED back board frames
  • DT-SPORT VIDEO scoreboard software
  • DT-SPORT VIDEO PRO LED screen 3m x 2m
  • DT-SPORT VIDEO PRO LED perimeter screen 18m


Yhteyshenkilösi Digiteknolla
Valtter Laaksonen
Marketing and Sales
Scoreboards, LED screens, LED displays