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Akaa Arena

A sports hall constructed by the city of Akaa first saw daylight in early 2022, when hosting international volleyball game between the national teams of Finland and Hungary. The hall that goes by the unsurprising name Akaa Arena, offered its visitors memorable experience, since Finland won the game and the atmosphere was therefore amazing. We proudly recognize that our DT-SPORT VIDEO PRO LED screen scoreboard system was an integral part of the wowing experience in that game and will be in all events in the future. The large size LED screens will not only serve their purpose for sports but all kinds of events within the fields of culture and music. We wish all the best for the many users of our system and the public that gets to enjoy it. We also want to thank the city of Akaa for the co-operation, in terms of creating a stunning venue.


The city of Akaa


  • 2 pcs of DT-SPORT VIDEO PRO LED screens 15m²
  • DT-SPORT 8202B scoreboard
  • DT-SPORT VIDEO scoreboard software and control devices


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Valtter Laaksonen
Marketing and Sales
Scoreboards, LED screens, LED displays