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DT-SPORT ARENA PRO medium basketball scoreboard

DT-SPORT ARENA PRO medium basketball scoreboard
  • Use: larger indoor halls (PRO-level)
  • Displays: points/game clock/personal fouls, numbers & points
  • Extensions: 24s shot clocks + LED light frames
  • Optionally: team name text/ad matrix 
  • Connection: cable (preferred) or wireless
  • Control: DT-SPORT 40 control panel / DT-SPORT Touch
  • Size: 478(l) x 180(k) x 8,6(s) cm, 120 kg

DT-SPORT Touch scoreboard controller

An excellent device for controlling scoreboards!

  • Completely wireless control
  • 8-10" touch screen with clear buttons
  • Sport-specific scoreboard views
  • Use is fast, easy and intuitive
  • Includes carrying bag and START-STOP handles
  • Support for ten sports

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Scoreboards, LED screens, LED displays